Don’t worry — Bethink


Bethink is a small design studio that specialise in
brand identity, editorial design, infographic, map design and illustration.
We love geometry, minimalism, simple and clear.
this is the essence of Bethink.
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Selected Works


Paju Book Award

The Paju Book Awards will be selected as one of the four major projects (planning, writing, publishing, and special prize) from five East Asian countries (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong). The identity of the Paju Book Awards is the motif of the most important book itself, and the four pillars (the shape of a book, etc.) stand for four masterpieces.

Branding, printed matter

Tandoori Kha

Tandoori Kha is
indian curry take out restaurant.




J.RIUM is professional knitwear brand based on classical style. bethink worked on brand renewal.


Goyang Orions Basketball Team
12-13 season graphic

The graphical style of existing Korean professional basketball teams was bright and there were lots of soft images to reach fans. Before the 12-13 season, the Orions had a strong image of the team that remained at the bottom.
In order to escape the image of the weak team, I tried to plant a strong image through contrast with the Orion's main color, red, with black color as the primary color. photography also used spot lights on a black background, using a strong look of the players to use for the entire season graphics.

printed matter, web